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Moving on

Stupid things to base a major life decision on:

That said, if I graduate in May, I’m pretty damn sure I’ll be moving from Houston. I don’t, as yet, know where to. Ideas?

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new zealand.

Comment by p — 23 Mar 2002 @ 8:45 am

Anywhere out of the world

This life is a hospital where every patient is possessed with the desire to change beds; one man would like to suffer in front of the stove,

and another believes that he would recover his health beside the window.

It always seems to me that I should feel well in the place where I am not, and this question of removal is one which I discuss incessantly with my soul.

Comment by Alba — 23 Mar 2002 @ 11:13 am

italy needs men.

Comment by chimchim — 23 Mar 2002 @ 11:54 am

always liked Chi-kago, St. Loiue

don do Deetroit cause de streets, de eat ya

Comment by tony — 23 Mar 2002 @ 5:56 pm

I forgot: it’s Baudelaire.

Comment by Alba — 23 Mar 2002 @ 7:16 pm

dallas. because sometimes small steps are the best kind.

Comment by amanda — 24 Mar 2002 @ 7:26 pm

South Florida. Hot women, hot weather, and plenty of beaches. : )

And then we could hang out!

Comment by Madness — 24 Mar 2002 @ 7:29 pm

Oregon. Or amsterdam. Avoid the pretentiousness of the east coast.

Anywhere in texas is the same, just different degrees of redneck severity.

Comment by Brandon — 24 Mar 2002 @ 8:30 pm

no where near Kansas. Would love to hang out with you again, but the depth of depression the flatlands can put you in is just not worth the hassel… and there’s a pathetic lack of bars not associated with one of these two words “sports” or “kareoke”… even more frightening is when they’re combined

Comment by Candice — 25 Mar 2002 @ 1:52 am

brandon is right, avoid the east coast. it’s terrible, especially new jersey.

although i’ll have to disagree with brandon on that amsterdam bit. the air is too stale.

Comment by p — 25 Mar 2002 @ 6:28 am


It exists everywhere you go.

Redneck stuff in Dallas? They have rednecks in the other 49 states, too.

Whereever you go, Shaun, it’s the people you meet that matter. Find the ones that bring out the best parts of you. Doesn’t matter where it happens.

This crap about pretentiousness of the east coast and rednecks in Texas comes from limited experience, I suspect.

Comment by billy — 25 Mar 2002 @ 10:15 am

All the cool kids are moving to CA, it’s the hip thing to do. :)

Comment by Peanut Gallery — 25 Mar 2002 @ 10:38 am

i’d have to put my vote in for california; though i’m discovering as well that the place doesn’t matter nearly so much as the people, and that people are people wherever you go. but california’s got alot of the weird ones (and in my experience, weird is good. or at least, more interesting).

Comment by kat — 25 Mar 2002 @ 11:46 am

All the cool kids are moving to California. All of them.

The East coast is not pretentious. It’s just dense, and wet sometimes.

Move to Seattle, man. Or Portland. Or Vancouver, for that matter. You were born to live in the Northwest.

Comment by Ryan — 25 Mar 2002 @ 12:11 pm

maybe i don’t like the east coast because i live here.

as for my experience being limited, it is.

isn’t everybody’s?

Comment by p — 25 Mar 2002 @ 5:06 pm

Having lived on both coasts, Shaun, I’ll pass on what I know.

Seattle – very cool town. You must be able to deal with a lack of sunlight. Expensive.

California – more sunlight. more expensive. earthquakes. state taxes the crap out of you. materialism SEEMS to be more rampant, but not everyone is like that.

New York – rocks. expensive as hell.

Florida – raised there. stay on the gulf coast. can be very cheap to live in the tampa area. summers worse than houston, but christmas at the beach makes up for it. hard to find work in the technical areas, though.

Texas – cheaper than everything but parts of florida. vast collection of differing peoples and cultures within drive time. not very pretty, but I’m indoors most of the time anyway. Love Austin. Love Dallas.

Those are just my opinions.

Comment by Billy — 25 Mar 2002 @ 5:14 pm

How to purge oneself of restlessness spirits.

1. Build a hut on the beach.

2. Place a card on the front

with your current address.

3. Fill it with things that

remind you of the things that

you want to dissociate with.

4. Burn it down. People who

you don’t want around will

probably think you are crazy

and stop coming around. People

who understand will understand. Your house might

get the message and be more

considerate, out of fear of

flickering flames.

Comment by jonathan — 25 Mar 2002 @ 7:52 pm

aw. fuckit shaun. just get drunk and make a decision that way.

Comment by chimchim — 25 Mar 2002 @ 10:49 pm

i extend a hearty hand and say to you my friend: “if only you could join me… in the 25th century.”

Comment by dzigavertov in the 25th century — 26 Mar 2002 @ 12:47 am

So: the East coast is out, being too expensive and/or pretentious. The West coast is out, again because of expense, and because what would I do with the cool kids anyway?

The South(-east, I suppose, but you know what I mean) was never an option.

Fuck it. Maybe I’ll just in Texas.

Comment by Shaun — 26 Mar 2002 @ 12:01 pm

thought new orleans should get some mention- ever thought about the desert?

Comment by tony — 26 Mar 2002 @ 1:12 pm

You’re moving to the Pacific Northwest, Shaun. End of discussion.

Comment by Ryan — 26 Mar 2002 @ 8:10 pm

I love the Seattle area. I’ve lived here for most of my natural life, and while travelling has brought me to other areas of the country, I still have no desire to leave.

It’s no more expensive than California or New York, and my personal experiences with strangers here have always been quite pleasant. Lack of regular sunshine is the only real downfall, but I prefer mild temperatures and overcast weather anyway. :)

I surely don’t claim to know you, Shaun, but from what I’ve seen here, I think you’d quite enjoy the Emerald City.

Comment by Jessica — 27 Mar 2002 @ 5:59 pm

a small island off the coast of Maine is all you need…no rednecks (not a lot anyway), no pretentiousness, no earthquakes, not expensive, 6 mothers and 365 babysitters to watch over you (so maybe that part’s not so great, but one adapts), and snow in winter, mud in spring, swimming in summer, and fog with the beautiful colors of fall

Comment by susiederkins — 27 Mar 2002 @ 8:52 pm

Seattle rocks….thats my place of choice.

But due to the fact I am in love with your mind I feel that you should come live in the Syracuse, NY area …. you can stay in my attic :)

Comment by Beth — 27 Mar 2002 @ 10:52 pm

missoula, montana

no, really, i’m serious

Comment by Nat — 28 Mar 2002 @ 6:35 pm

Denver Colorado. Though it snows alot during the winter, there are alot of sports to play.

Comment by Girl — 30 Mar 2002 @ 10:39 am

well, i’m a few days late here, but there’s always new orleans. it’s funky here. but then, by now you’ve already got that job so i bet it’s too late. eh. congrats, by the way.

Comment by allen — 31 Mar 2002 @ 8:15 pm