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supposed to fire my imagination

Reasons I used to have for not writing: nothing to write about; no time. Reason I now have for not writing:



So tired.

If late,

Get fired.

Why bother?

Why the pain?

Just go home.

Do it again.



Filed by shaun at December 3rd, 2003 under fidelite

damn, thats just depressing.

Comment by n — 4 Dec 2003 @ 1:05 pm

Don’t be so gloomy! You probably already live in a beautiful land, you’ve just gotten too lazy to see it. While working and paying off debts should tire your mind and your body, you should never let it tire your spirit–chin up, things are never as bad as they seem.

Comment by Stellar — 4 Dec 2003 @ 5:45 pm

What’s with that sign anyway? It’s like the city of Manhattan is conpiring to demotivate you as you walk through time square. Like “Oh, you were happy when you walked in here? Well life sucks! So there!” I seriously never understood why that sign is there, but at least it makes me laugh…

Comment by caitlin — 4 Dec 2003 @ 7:02 pm

Shivver me timbers

What does that even mean?

Comment by Pirate — 5 Dec 2003 @ 4:42 am

I also am working hard to pay off my debt and dreaming of moving to the beautiful land of Hawaii. And I’m unmotivated to do the many personal projects I want to work on. We’ll get through it, though! Hopefully my debt will be gone by my 28th birthday this July, and I will be in Hawaii by my 30th birthday. That’s the plan, but then we all know: the best laid plans……

Good luck!

Comment by mary — 5 Dec 2003 @ 9:03 am

oh, hah! I guess you are not from NY then. I figured you were…

There is a part of the Times Square subway station that has that poem, line by line, attatched to the rafters. You have to read it as you walk through. It’s very demotivating.

Comment by caitlin — 5 Dec 2003 @ 1:18 pm

“you probably already live in a beautiful land”

No, sadly he lives in Houston.

Comment by Charles — 5 Dec 2003 @ 4:24 pm

I recently read about that sign in A Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing, so I was in fact referring to it, even though I have never seen it (and am a bit surprised it’s still there).

Comment by Shaun — 5 Dec 2003 @ 6:45 pm

I’ve lived in Houston–it’s not nearly as bad as you make it out to be. Besides, if I make the best out of Missouri of all places, you can make something out of Houston.

Comment by Stellar — 6 Dec 2003 @ 2:24 am

I’m sure part of Brooklyn can be considered a beautiful land where everybody is happy. That’s the part I want to find.

Maybe we can find it together, Shaun. And we can move there. And we can get so sick of each other a knife fight ensues.

Burma Shave

Comment by Yossef — 6 Dec 2003 @ 4:08 pm

Yes, Stellar, because places are certainly the same for everybody.

Comment by Shaun — 8 Dec 2003 @ 8:12 am

Thought that one might get the boot.

Comment by Stellar — 10 Dec 2003 @ 2:37 pm

Yeah, it happens.

Comment by Shaun — 11 Dec 2003 @ 9:47 am


You are neat.

Comment by puuj — 11 Dec 2003 @ 4:38 pm


people choose to live their lives in a variety of places. some of those places are better than others, for a number of reasons, though the reasons can often be contradictory. some people choose a variety of locations, some choose only a few. often locations are suggested to people. the more variety that exists in these locations the better the worldview, and, arguably, the more healthy a person one is. looking around, i see people surviving in as little as two places. it sickens me. i’ve known those who survive in only one, however. and i’ve known those who’ve tried to not survive at all.

Comment by Anonymous — 11 Dec 2003 @ 4:46 pm

Houston is ugly like Detroit. It is also fat and polluted.

It’s better than Dallas, though. Not so many tit jobs.

Comment by tony — 15 Dec 2003 @ 3:36 pm

Until you’ve grown up in IdaHELL I see no good reason for you to complain. Suck it up.

Comment by tera — 16 Dec 2003 @ 11:28 am

if you’re looking for a beautiful land, try Canada. That’s just to the North of you.

Comment by Jeb — 23 Dec 2003 @ 6:09 pm