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I guess anywhere you live is home

I’m sitting on the footstool in front of my couch, looking at all of my stuff. All I’ve been thinking about is getting rid of it. But now I’m thinking, how can I leave all this? I don’t think I mean it ironically.

Radar’s last M*A*S*H episode just ended. I just put on “Maybelline”. I had this incredible urge to listen to Chuck Berry. I’m thinking about having a cigarette. I’m depressed out of my fucking mind.

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Every time I buy something new, I feel like a bit of a jackass.

But I like the stuff.

But what am I going to do about moving?

Comment by Yossef — 23 Mar 2004 @ 11:32 pm

To paraphrase [attribution varies], I hate moving but I love having moved.

Comment by R. — 24 Mar 2004 @ 1:04 am

cigarettes are for squares.

what you need is a picnic

and vegan chicken salad.

Comment by laura burns — 24 Mar 2004 @ 9:17 pm

nope, a nice stout beer and a decent pack of smokes will fix any situation.. unless you have liver problems or lung cancer. I guess in that case go for the salad.

Comment by N — 25 Mar 2004 @ 12:09 am

you are very shitty at returning emails.

but i’m wondering if part of all the stuff you need to get rid of includes my nintendo 64. whatever happened to that?

Comment by Brian — 25 Mar 2004 @ 2:27 pm

I find I come back from SXSW inspired and bummed out both. Had a big visit from the old black dog. Got better by the end of this week though and the last 30 some hours have been darn good. Hope you found a path out of the funk.

Comment by Dinah — 28 Mar 2004 @ 1:35 am

Why is it that almost everyone Ihave talked to lately is kinda bummed.

Yes Dinah.. bummed and inspired… or in my case… Inspired but unmotivated.

I think you need a big hug.

There should be a garage sale site for bloggers to buy, sell and trade their stuff with other bloggers.

Comment by rannie — 29 Mar 2004 @ 10:43 am

[I had a (half) cigarette. It was unpleasant, and did not solve anything.]

Comment by Shaun — 1 Apr 2004 @ 11:49 am

“[I had a (half) cigarette. It was unpleasant, and did not solve anything.]”


Comment by laura — 2 Apr 2004 @ 2:05 am

Maybe you could learn to knit. I hear knitting cures all woes.

Comment by michaelbrown — 6 Apr 2004 @ 1:38 pm

why does everyone try to find a solution? it’s not a horrible feeling to linger in darker emotions. THEN you are capabel of feeling. therefor, try to enjoy this time. I do. in a twisted way it gives hope. but hope is a lame word. I neglect the fact that not many people will understand what I’m trying to say here…But I just don’t care as long as I understand myself. hoping you’ll feel a bit diferent in a couple of days. will read more of you in the future.

Comment by silmar — 6 Apr 2004 @ 4:44 pm

this michaelbrown

character knows

what he’s talking about.

knitting is def.

the answer.

come on….a knit-in!

Comment by laura — 7 Apr 2004 @ 2:45 pm

i never learned how to knit. but i can do needlepoint.

Comment by Brian — 8 Apr 2004 @ 1:04 pm

M*A*S*H does that to people.

Comment by Martha — 8 Apr 2004 @ 5:48 pm

I’ve always been a fan of the rock bottom method. The harder you throw yourself at those abysmal depths, the quicker you realize you don’t want to hang out there for very long. A pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Jack Daniels usually makes me feel like death would have been the more pleasant option. A hangover is a wonderful excuse for productive and warranted self-pity. Drink much water, sleep the entire day away on the couch watching M*A*S*H reruns, go to bed early, get up early and be a real person again. Works for me every time.


Comment by Rebecca — 28 Apr 2004 @ 4:19 pm

Well, uh, this is my first time here, but let me through in my 2 cents:

I was recently depressed out of my fucking mind, much like you are (or were). I got through it without cigarettes or alcohol (isn’t that a song?) Put your mind on other things. I forgot about the dumb bitch who screwed me over, all the dumb bitches before her, and if i’ll ever stop being single. I ran, worked out, found hobbies, and eventually over it (sort of). All I’m saying is when you start resorting to the things which have 12 step recovery programs (except steaks…can’t leave those), they start to make the abyss get a little deeper. Anyways, enough ranting, I’ll go now.

Comment by Joseph — 3 May 2004 @ 11:16 am

is it weird to anyone else that he hasn’t officially said anything since march 23rd, and we’ve kept a conversation going about the last thing he said for over a month?

Comment by brian — 5 May 2004 @ 4:49 am

Yup. Thats weird… maybee he is dead!

Comment by Eelko — 5 May 2004 @ 9:38 pm

not dead, drunk.

Comment by billy — 5 May 2004 @ 11:38 pm

i refuse to believe that mere drunkenness could keep him from getting on the computer and finding something worth writing. this is a man who spent years inebriated. maybe that was me. whichever.

Comment by Brian — 6 May 2004 @ 7:42 am

Is spending.

Comment by Shaun — 6 May 2004 @ 11:41 am

the phantom returns… at least you still have a present tense. you should ought to want to write something to your public, shaun.

Comment by brian — 7 May 2004 @ 7:40 am

it always makes me feel better when i go through all my stuff and put everything i don’t need/want into garbage bags and give it to the salvation army. not actual garbage, mind you.

and don’t smoke. i’m not the nagging type, but it makes you A. smell funny, B. look funny holding it, and C. cursed with a yellow smile. to you, i say good day.

Comment by rachel — 15 May 2004 @ 11:52 pm

Aw, fuck ’em

Cigarettes are good for you. They remind you of your place in life and how fragile we all really are.

Smoke all you want,

Drink yourself into a coma,

and come out of the funk when you are ready.

Comment by Jess — 7 Jun 2004 @ 2:04 pm