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things I enjoy

Things I enjoy:

Writing. Pretty much anything: fiction, personal nonfiction, editorials, reviews, news(-letters), probably even marketing copy. Sentence construction is fun.

Programming/scripting. Creating structures to process information and return useful results. Messing around with CMSs, mathematical stuff, form data processing, etc. Solving problems (who cares what they are) with the right functions in the right order.

Reading. Probably more than anything else. Fiction, history, science, psychology, design, writing, how-to, toothpaste tubes. You name it, I probably want to read it. I would also enjoy discussing it with you, or possibly writing about it.

History. Understanding, by reading, by sorting, by creating databases of prominent Welsh gentry in the reign of Henry VII, whatever. Discovering new ways of understanding and communicating about the events, thoughts, and people of the past.

Editing. Improving things, tightening phrases, restructuring for better impact. Clarifying. Aiding understanding and communication.

Design. Web, print, (my) house interior. Putting things together and moving them around until they make the best possible shape for doing their job, whether that is being unobtrusively useful, gathering information, disseminating it, attracting interest or confirming it.


There has to be a career in there somewhere.


A side note: this is post #1000. In my tradition of celebrating meaningless milestones, I’m going to have two Pabsts tonight.

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Dear Shaun,

I have read your synopsis of the things you enjoy and do well, and would like to respectfully suggest that you consider a career as a page designer at a newspaper. You would do a lot of editing. You would do even more designing. (Sometimes these are reversed, depending on where you work, but generally it’s like that.) You would make journalism money, true, but usually it is enough. You would be able to tell yourself, if you chose, that you were part of the Fourth Estate, serving a vital role in society. You would almost always be asked to do some writing. And you would read a lot.

I also find it both charming and bizarre that you are half of a We. Not quite as much as the fact that I am, but almost.


P.S. As long as I’m making recommendations, if you have not read it already, I think you would enjoy “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.” Goodbye!

Comment by Ellen — 9 Nov 2005 @ 2:52 am

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