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the whinning

Recently I’ve been feeling more like doing something, but pretty damn uncertain what that something is. It seems like everything I’m good at doing there are far too many other people around doing it far better.

Some things I have considered writing about, and why I’m not:

politics Christ, like the web needs another blog about fucking politics. You’re either pissed off about what’s going on right now, or you’re uninformed. Or you’re one of the people the right wing is catering to these days, meaning you’re both pissed off and uninformed. My writing about these things on the web isn’t going to change anyone’s mind.

fiction I’ve tried. I do introductions well, but I’m still pretty much unable to write an interesting plot.

my life Nothing is going on that I’m comfortable discussing here, for various reasons. Also, not much is really going on. How much whining about Ohio does anyone want to read?

So then I thought if I can’t do content, I can at least play with presentation, but I find myself embarrassingly unable to keep up with all of the various Web 2.0/Ruby/Rails/AJAX/SOAP/tags/etc. stuff these days. I’ve never been very good at dealing with these new trends and separating buzz from actual usable stuff except through practice, so I’d need a site to build, but I don’t have anything to put on a site, and none of the various people who I’m supposed to be working on sites for seem to have anything to put on a site either.

Which, combined with the fact that most of the sites I’ve made in the past have been shut down, redesigned, or forgotten, is making it pretty hard to put together the portfolio I’d like to make to get design jobs (given that I still understand xhtml and css well enough to do a hell of a lot) that aren’t dependent on friends and their friends getting their shit together.

I have not played guitar in several months. All three of mine have broken strings. And there’s nowhere to play anyway, since our walls are too thin.

And I’m working as a goddamned receptionist. A temp receptionist. Everytime I get a train of thought going, I have to answer the phone. I realize that being distracted from your weblog is a hazard of work, but I spent all day answering the phone twice and otherwise goofing off on the internet — until I start writing something or thinking, and then the phone rings every five minutes.

So. Assuming that we’re through with the whining for now, I think what I need to do is come up with a list of actual concrete problems I have and attempt to find a solution.

Note: This was written six years ago, but never published, probably because it’s dull whining, but I’m going through my old drafts now and publishing or deleting them, and since when there’s no compelling reason to delete it I favor saving even pointlessness like this, I’m publishing it now as written, on the date the draft was saved. Shaun, 2012/03/13

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