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Thinking a lot about happiness

“For most of my adult life, genuine happiness has been the result of the first month of Zoloft, or the first weeks of Effexor, or the dawn of Paxil.”

I am not depressed, but I know depressed people.

Depression is not sadness. It is the inability to be happy.

Depression makes treatment difficult because of the belief it cannot be changed.

Once treated, lack of depression != happiness.

We don’t know what happiness is

Mostly think it’s cheerfulness, euphoria

It is not possible to feel this way all the time, so we believe we are unhappy

Joy is the temporary blissy feeling

Joy is not sustainable

Joy is not happiness

Happiness is more complicated

Happiness is an emotion, mindset

Sometimes sadness is the result of shitty things going on in life

Happiness is an approach to life

We shouldn’t expect to be happy without working on it

We don’t get to choose our lives entirely, but we do get to choose how we think about them

Depressed people have no experience with happiness, can’t recognize it.

Note: This was drafted several years ago, but never completed, possibly because the level of hubris involved, but more likely because it would have been a lot of work. I’m going through my old drafts now and publishing or deleting them, and I think these are for the most part very good bullet points for a real essay, so I’m publishing it now as written, on the date which it’s totally possible could be the date it was written on. Shaun, 2012/03/13

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