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Seen a shooting star tonight

So you walk home between the rice fields, and the moon isn’t out, but all your other old friends are: Orion for the first time this year, and the little bear and great, and even elusive Draco, all spread out across the enormous night above you. And the occasional headlights from behind make every step your shadow takes a jig, and the occasional headlights from ahead just make you look up to the sky again and there! yes, it’s your first shooting star. And the weather is perfect for walking, the coolness promised by that hottest summer, the autumn’s grace, another old friend you’d almost forgotten these past few months, and, yes, there’s that slight reminder of the pig farm to the north, but–such stars in such a great sky, such a joyful life, such happiness that all those other joyless years are just there to fill in the background now, just color and depth for the stars to twinkle in front of. And you are here on this cool night with these ancient stars, twinkling, and tomorrow you get to go to work on Saturday and watch your extraordinary kids sing, and dance, and laugh, and grow up a bit more, and right now there are the stars and the rice fields and the cool air. And tomorrow, too. And tomorrow.

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