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it’s pretty obvious, but

this is done, and has been done for a while. I’m not terribly, crushingly depressed anymore, and, in retrospect, that’s what drove most of this site. I’ll be leaving it up, probably forever, out of respect for what was (godawful embarrassing though it no doubt would be to reread), but this is the last post you’ll see from me here. If, in some maelstrom of nostalgia and boredom, you have peeked back at this many-years-dead blog seeking updates on my current whereabouts and status, pictures of my child, cat, and pretty plants I encounter are available on my instagram, and reblogged pictures of brutalist grain silos and anti-capitalism sarcasm are on my tumblr. Good-bye, folks, I hope you are doing good, and doing well.

Or, as the pages used to say way back when:

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the internet!
There is nothing here for you now.

remember this, our favorite

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