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20 Feb 2020

it’s pretty obvious, but

this is done, and has been done for a while. I’m not terribly, crushingly depressed anymore, and, in retrospect, that’s what drove most of this site. I’ll be leaving it up, probably forever, out of respect for what was (godawful embarrassing though it no doubt would be to reread), but this is the last post […]

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16 Nov 2012

The only time I don’t feel alone and somewhat suspicious in a crowd is when I’m singing along with them.

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26 Apr 2012

Oh, like, wow

Maybe it’s my post-Korea much-improved diet, or my school’s new water filter cutting down on my lead intake, or just Spring, but for whatever reason almost everything I read, see, or think lately hits with revelatory force, but two hours later I can barely recall what it was, and have no idea why I thought […]

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11 Mar 2012

one year ago

One year ago today, I was in my school gymnasium in my best suit and white tie. Graduation was almost over: the students had walked across stage to get their diplomas, speeches had been made, and about half of the people in the gym were teary-eyed. All that was left was the graduates’ song, and […]

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14 Oct 2010


He was tall, and strong, and he could do anything. I keep thinking those words, over and over again. He was smart, he could make anything. That was what my daddy was, to me, when I was younger. And if it turned out later that he wasn’t tall, god was he strong. He was depressed. […]

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1 Oct 2010

Seen a shooting star tonight

So you walk home between the rice fields, and the moon isn’t out, but all your other old friends are: Orion for the first time this year, and the little bear and great, and even elusive Draco, all spread out across the enormous night above you. And the occasional headlights from behind make every step […]

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3 Sep 2010

Self, tense

Let’s talk a bit about the grammar of the self, shall we? As a(n assistant) language teacher, you spend a lot more time thinking about grammar than most people. Clauses and tenses are less automatic. I realized just now that, barring narrative or a lower-level English student, there is only one tense that is really […]

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17 Jul 2010

I love this place, the enormous sky

New ALTs (Assistant Language Teacher; me) are coming. If this were only a canyon instead of a basin, I’d have a great Mamas & Papas quote for a title (they are all young girls). This meant my (self-imposed) duty was to e-mail and brief them on the area. It was a bit of a challenge […]

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